First of all thank you for checking out my work. I’m am always honored when someone chooses me to do their tattoo. I am currently working at Globe Electric. This shop is located in Columbia Heights, and is appointment only. I try to keep this updated regularly but check out my Instagram (#_theBlackMoth_) for latest projects.

      If you want to be added to the waiting list, please fill out the form under Appointments in order to give me all the information I need about your piece. I will then meet with you within a month to talk about your piece in a consultation. Please do not call the shop because those messages are never received and always lost. 

     I have been tattooing professionally since 2012 with about 2 years of training prior to that, and I have been drawing as far back as I can remember. I put my heart and soul into every piece I work on, and I work hard to try to make every piece as unique as possible. I love doing tedious detailed designs and I’m extremely fastidious with my work.

     All Tattoos are custom drawn and no image is ever created twice.   It might take me a few weeks to respond but if you don’t hear from me after 3 weeks, please feel free to send me a follow up email to make sure I got your message. Some emails have been lost in the past.


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